Mimosa GM, Ndiyamba book auctioned for US$8k on launch night


ZVISHAVANE – Mimosa General Manager, Engineer Stephen Ndiyamba’s book, One Week in December was auctioned for a total of US$7 950.

This was revealed to the Midweek Watch by Ndiyamba during a telephone interview.

The book was launched on Friday December 22 ,2023 in Harare.

One Week in December is about his personal experiences as he climbed the tallest mountain on the continent Kilimanjaro (6km) found in Tanzania made a stellar sale of 200 copies at $20 each.

However, it was his auctioned copy which made the highest sale after two bids of US$4 000 and US$3 950 were made by two individuals who later combined to buy the same copy.

In this riveting tale of adventure, camaraderie, fun and triumph, Ndiyamba tells a story that is emotionally engaging bringing us to tears of joy at its climax.

The story starts with a phone call as Ndiyamba arrives at work one day. At the end of it, he finds himself – a novice hiker who is middle aged, burly, mining executive from Zimbabwe – banding together with some work mates and adventure seekers to take on Kilimanjaro.

The quest begins with grueling preparation of the mind and body, and yet reality only sinks in as they arrive at the airport.

And so, begins the eight-day hike and riveting tale of how men become comrades and friends become family as the quest to summit Kilimanjaro unfolds.

This story is for everyday people who dare to do extraordinary things; much like Ndiyamba and his team members who come together on this expedition and are led and supported by the guides who protect and nurture them throughout their journey.

A travelogue filled with rich detail about the realities of an expedition many take every year, but few find words to capture the profundity of, this book will have one ready to pack your own backpack and set your heart on Kilimanjaro with the best of them.

During an interview with The Midweek Watch, Ndiyamba said the launch in Harare was a success.

“We had 200 books which we sold at $20 each. One book on auction had two bids $4000 and $3950 so the two bidders decided to combine and buy the book for $7 950, generally the launch was a success,” said Ndiyamba.

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