Mhandamabwe intersection now a black spot

-MP calls for improved signage

Roseline Mutare

MHANDAMABWE-The intersection that links Masvingo-Zvishavane and Shurugwi-Chivi roads has become a black spot as more and more accidents continue to happen at the rehabilitated junction.

This year alone two fatal accidents have already been witnessed involving a pick truck with Chinese nationals and on Tuesday four people perished following a Nissan Note that was hit by a haulage truck with cotton seeds which failed to observe a give way sign at the intersection.

This has prompted calls by locals for the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development to put more visible signage especially for vehicles from either Gweru or Chivi Growth Point for them to stop or reduce speed as they approach the intersection which has become a black spot.

Chivi North legislator, Godfrey Huruva Mukungunugwa sent his condolences to the deceased’s families and said they are engaging the Ministry to put enough signage warning drivers of the intersection.

“As the area’s legislator I am deeply saddened by the loss of lives in such a painful manner, I understand that two of the victims are from Chivi North.

“We are going to engage the Ministry of Transport to speed up the erection of signage which should be at least 500m from the intersection.

“I think when we rehabilitated the road, the contractor removed the signage and forgot to put them back hence the need to quickly redress the issue before we lose more lives,” said Mukungunugwa.

The spot, now dubbed a “black spot” by locals, has witnessed a string of accidents in recent times after rehabilitation of the road, sparking widespread concern and outrage from villagers, some who have lost relatives who would arrived.

Tuesday’s horrific accident has reignited demands for swift action to enhance road safety and prevent further loss of life.

Residents are worried that the absence of speed humps and proper traffic control measures is contributing to the alarming number of accidents at this location. They are urging the authorities to take immediate action to address this critical issue and ensure the safety of all road users.

“We have lost too many lives at this spot in a short space of time. It is high time the authorities take corrective measures and install speed humps, and we won’t relent until they are installed, the stop sign which is written on the tarmac is not enough as most drivers disregard it as they assume that if they are driving from Chivi Growth Point they have the right of way” said Joshua Kwiriwiri a popular Masvingo motor mechanic who witnessed the accident on his way to his rural home in Chivi.

A vendor from Mhandamabwe, echoed the same sentiments and called upon the road authorities to quickly look into the matter before more lives are lost.

“We are tired of witnessing accidents at this spot. The authorities must act now to prevent further loss of life,” commented a vendor who was almost run over by the Nissan Note which was being dragged by the haulage truck.

“The lack of speed humps is putting our lives and livelihoods in danger. We urge the authorities to take action before it’s too late,” she added.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe media and corporate communications officer, Lucy Kuwandira said she needs to seek approval first before she can comment.

“I need the questions on Whatsapp so that I can seek approval before commenting,” said Kuwandira.

Until the time of publishing this story Kuwandira had not responded to the whatsapp messages sent to her on Tuesday.

Kwiriwiri who arrived soon after the accident said he has never seen anything like that in his life.

“The Note was mangled after it was dragged for almost 100m from the intersection and from the way the Note was dragged, it shows that the lorry driver never attempted to apply brakes because there were no marks to that effect. It also shows that both drivers were speeding as the impact was heavy, I heard the loud bang from some 300m away.

“The scene was gruesome, blood was oozing out like an irrigation sprinkler and flowing on the tarmac like rain water, I have never witnessed an accident like this in my life, the authorities should quickly act on this intersection,” added Kwiriwiri popularly known as Josh.

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