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Men arrested skinning US$2k zebra


Police have confirmed on their X handle the arrest of Munashe Kurima (27) and John Kichini (19) from Chiredzi for poaching at Masasapi area, Humani.

The suspects were found skinning a Zebra, valued at US$ 2 000, at a homestead in Village 4, Masasapi, Gudo on Tuesday (28/11/23).

Below are some of the comments from the people who read the post on Police X handle.

Mudhipisi said; Hah imi vamwe vakatengesa nzou 2000 wani. Siyai vadye nyama apa

Zimbabwean Person had this to say; Regai vadye mhuka idzo inga imi mukungo tonyorwa daily pama road blocks wani

Nighthawk said; What if they were skinning their share of Zebras? have you counted how many we have as a country?

Zidera Must Go said; Zebra ririkuita $2000 kupi, tipei link MaShefu.

Mazhara also said; Zebra kuita $2000


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