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MCC puts blame on ZINARA for untrafficable roads


MASVINGO – Masvingo City Council (MCC) has put the blame squarely on Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) for the sorry state of the roads as they take long to disburse funds.

This was said by the recently elected Deputy Mayor, Daniel Mberikunashe at a discussion that was organised by Zimbabwe Union of Journalists Masvingo Chapter with residents at Mucheke Hall last week.

Mberikunashe was responding to a question on the bad state of roads in the city when he made the remarks.

“The state of our roads remain deplorable because ZINARA does not disburse the funds for rehabilitation of roads in time and when they finally do, sometimes its not enough.

“This result in the Council doing half of the planned work for the roads or less in most cases,” said Mberikunashe.

“If only the Government would let the local authorities collect money and manage the licensing portfolio they would be able to maintain and construct new roads for the residents,” he added.

ZINARA spokesperson, Tendai Mugabe said they allocated Masvingo City ZW$230,918,813.95 and they only disbursed ZW$46,183,762.79 for roads rehabilitation from 1 January to 30 June 2023.

The grand total disbursed all over the country by ZINARA for road authorities ie Councils, Rural Infrastructure Development Agency, Department of Roads, Emergency Projects and Administration Expenses from the 1st of January to 30 June, 2023 is ZW$33,809,794,402.61.

Since ZINARA took over the responsibility of collecting road levies from local authorities in 2009 they have been incapacitated to repair worn-out roads under their jurisdiction.

Masvingo City last had the road rehabilitation exercise under the Government Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) where ZW$77 million was allocated by Zinara.

The exercise saw re-sealing of only 12km and the roads include 4.1 Infantry Brigade – 1.3km, Chiedza – 800m, Zimuto – 200m, Muzora – 0.4m, Yomukono – 800m, Gwereveshe – 15m, Ingwe Drive – 2,23km, Mboroma – 1km, Chesvingo Drive – 1km, Industria – 2.9km and there was also re-graveling of 9.5km and pothole patching of 84km.

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