Mazvimba Primary in ZIMSEC exam fee scandal

-as leaners made to pay exam fees every term


MVUMA- Mazvimba Primary School in Mvuma is embroiled in alleged misuse of Grade 7 Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) examination registration fees.

The school is reported to have diverted the examination registration fees paid by parents during the first term to fund athletic sports activities held at Chaka Primary School between January and February of 2024.

Furious parents are now at loggerheads with the School Development Committee (SDC) and school authorities after Grade 7 learners were asked to pay the ZIMSEC examination fees for the first and second terms, despite the fact that they had already made payments for the end of year national exams.

Receipts gleaned by The Midweek Watch show that learners had indeed paid the Grade 7 ZIMSEC exam fees.

Some parents who refused to be named accused the school authorities of diverting the ZIMSEC funds and are adamant that they will not double pay the exam fees as requested by the school.

“I am outraged by the school administration’s decision to divert the examination fees to fund sports programs instead. This is a blatant scandal and a clear case of double dipping.

 “We pay those fees specifically for the purpose of registering our children for the exams, not to subsidize the school’s sports activities,” fumed one of the parents on condition of anonymity.

The parents demanded that the administration immediately reimburse the diverted fees and called on government to ensure this kind of egregious financial mismanagement does not happen again.

They said children’s education should be the top priority and such scandalous behavior in the education sector should not be tolerated.

“We can not stand for this kind of underhand and dishonest behavior from the school leadership. They need to be held accountable for this shocking abuse of power,” added another guardian who wanted to remain anonymous.

ZIMSEC spokesperson, Nicky Dlamini, said it is illegal and unacceptable for schools to use ZIMSEC examination fees for sporting activities.

When contacted, former school head Nicholas Zvekare, who has since been transferred to Manicaland Province, claimed ignorance about the matter.

However, when pressed further, Zvekare confirmed that learners had paid the ZIMSEC examination fees, and alleged that the SDC sanctioned to use the money for sporting activities.

“I believe it was paid…on that issue it was the SDC,” responded Zvekare, before directing this reporter to the SDC and the District Schools Inspector (DSI) Jacob Majoni for more information.

 Investigations revealed that Zvekare and his deputy were transferred to Manicaland at the behest of the local councilor and Majoni.

The SDC chairperson, Julius Kunodziya, who made headlines for giving conflicting statements in an ongoing trial of a senior opposition figure and businessman, Patrick Cheza, accused of tearing a dollar counter book, blamed Zvekare for making unilateral decisions without consulting the committee.

“Yes, it’s true the matter was handled by the district, and he has since been ordered to repay the money. The former head made the decision to use the funds for sporting activities without consulting the SDC. In fact, I was in Gweru attending the court proceedings when this happened,” he said.

Kunodziya claimed that Zvekare is lying and trying to shift the blame, as there was no meeting or minutes to show that the SDC approved the use of the exam fees for sporting activities.

“He only phoned to inform me that he wanted to withdraw some money from the bank for sports affiliation, but he did not specify that he was withdrawing ZIMSEC funds,” explained Kunodziya.

Kunodziya added that they have since channeled some school fees funds to register the affected grade seven learners for their ZIMSEC exams.

 Majoni declined to comment on the matter and directed all questions to the Midlands Provincial Education Director, Jameson Machimbira, who promised to call back but had not done so by the time of publication.

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