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Mavhaire Half Marathon roars into life

Friends, Colleagues, Comrades, the Mavhaire Primary School Half Marathon is here. Feel it!

Mavhaire Primary School is in Chirumhanzu of the Midlands Province. It is on the southern tail end, 44 kms from Masvingo town. This is my alma mater.

Mavhaire Primary School was built in the 1930s to cater for the growing population due to the forced displacements of people from mainly the Mushagashe area. You will remember the Land Apportionment Act and its repercussions and attendant vicissitudes. Mavhaire Primary School serves an area roughly 10km on a circumference.

The villages include Nzara, Matumbu, Rudhane , Mauka, Chigovera, Gozho, Mabuda , Zishiri , Kondo, Mawurunge, Mugova , Mboora , Ngirandi.

The infrastructure has seen better days and needs serious maintenance and rebuilding. In line with NDS1, 5.0 model of education and the SDG on inclusive education, we have taken it upon ourselves to lead in the rebuilding thrust. There is need for modern buildings , computers , clean energy , horticulture projects powered by solar.

As old students we are calling on our partners , fellow alumni , community and people of goodwill to extend a helping hand towards this noble initiative.

My contacts are: +263 772 661 271, email

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