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Mashava family abandons (94) old father


MASVINGO- A 94 year old man in Mashava from Diso Mine Compound is appealing for assistance after being abandoned by his 5 children who have left their nonagenarian father to fend and take care of himself. 

Shereni Dzvokorai said he is now surviving on the mercy of his neighbours who sometimes provide him with food and water.

He told The Midweek Watch that he now has poor eye sight which is now making it difficult for him to do household chores or move around his compound.

“I have been staying here alone since the beginning of the year. I live off the neighbors’ help who make sure that I am fed and have water in the house.

“I can hardly help myself. I am old, my body is weak now and due to my age my eyes are watery. Sometimes I can fall when trying to bath or walking around the yard.

“It is difficult for me; I am in pain. My heart bleeds. I have been abandoned by all my children. It is so painful.

“I made sure they were taken care of after my wife died but they are failing to look after for me now. I went to Bere Hospital since I am constantly getting sick due to old age and I was given some medication, but I was also instructed to see some specialist which I cannot afford because I do not have the money.

“I have never had misunderstandings with my children and one of them stays at Gathsmine but I don’t even know why she does not visit me. I want my children to know that my health is deteriorating and I hope they visit me,” said Dzvokorai.

A neighbor who identified herself as Yolanda Chekondo confirmed that Dzvokorai has been abandoned by his family for some time now and with the assistance of other neighbors they take turns to make sure that he is taken care of.

“We have been neighbors with Sekuru for over 15 years and to be honest for more than three months now he has been staying alone. He used to stay with his grandson who has also left to look for greener pastures, I think.

“His children do not visit him at all and as neighbors we are taking turns to look take care of him. Sometimes he gets donations from churches which is how he has been surviving for the past months,” she said.

Well-wishers can contact him on his neighbor’s cellphone: 0775486657.

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