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Martial artist Mashaya honored in Poland


Zimbabwe’s multi-award winning martial artist, Wilfred Mashaya has been honoured abroad after he was inducted into the Poland Martial Arts Hall of Fame known as The International Budo Bushi Hall of Fame 2023.

The organising committee honored Mashaya in absentia as he could not travel to Poland and the Zimbabwean flag was raised among other flags at the ceremony in recognition of one of the most decorated martial arts athlete from the country.

Mashaya said he is very happy to receive such an honor.

“I am humbled to receive such an honor from an international organisation as a Zimbabwean and when they displayed my country’s flag in Poland, I felt that I am raising the Zimbabwean flag higher,” said Mashaya.

Some of the grand masters, masters and martial artists honoured were from Italy, Thailand, Germany, England, Iran, India, Spain, Japan, USA, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Indonesia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Nepal and the host Poland.

The Zim Ninja was honoured with a Hall of Fame Samurai Award, Budo Ring, Hall of Fame Certificate and Hall of Fame Trophy.

Mashaya said he was considered for induction for his immense contributions towards the growth of martial arts in Zimbabwe which has made significance in Africa and beyond.

“My achievements in martial arts have contributed to catching the eye of the international community thereby being selected for induction as a hardworking warrior who pushes through obstacles to achieve his goals and being selfless in grooming others and nurturing talent,” he said.

Mashaya said this honor is a testimony of consistency, hard work, dedication and commitment. He encouraged upcoming martial artists to work hard.

“If you have talent, believe in yourself and God, work hard, be dedicated, commit yourself to what you are doing and above all have discipline. Discipline can make one go far and another thing   believe in your potential no matter the obstacles in the path of success,” added Mashaya.

The event was organised by grand master Stanislaw Majchrzak in conjunction with International Martial Arts Association, International Self Defense Association, Martial Arts Association, International Global Institute of Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

Recently, Mashaya and his student Vincent Fambira won 11 medals in England and were crowned World Champions in Martial Arts Weaponry, a feat which was never achieved by any African before in Martial Arts Weaponry.

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