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Manyame residents demand sanity, security from council


MANYAME -Manyame residents in ward 13 proposed the council to prioritize the construction of toilets, street lights and fencing of the cemetery area while insisting that the council has let them down in terms of sanity and security.

Residents raised the issues during the budget consultation which was held in Ward 13 Location at Beatrice Beer Hall last week.

With Cholera threatening to wreak havoc in most parts of the country, Manyame residents expressed their fear that the contagious disease will spread in the district if the toilet issue is not resolved.

Residents also proposed the council to ensure installation of street lights to minimize cases of robberies. However, other residents were of the view that the council should instead focus on repairing the already existing defunct tower lights instead of erecting new lights which they will hardly repair.

One resident from ward 13, Mwerenga challenged the local authority to fence the cemetery area before he emotionally narrated the circumstances of an instance where dogs were found dragging the body of a deceased child which had been buried a day before.

Manyame Rural District Council CEO Farirai Guta insisted that the local authority was going to implement what residents proposed, they also encouraged resident to pay their rates so the local authority will have enough funds to implement the projects.

“We have noted your proposals and we will try to make sure that we implement them. However, I would also like to urge you to pay your rates to the council so that we will have enough funds to execute our plans,” said Guta.

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