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Man ‘rapes’ drunk student nurse


CHIPINGE -Welcome Chirimambowa (29) of Chipinge is lucky to be a free man after being reported for rape by a student nurse at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital during Zanu founding father Rev Ndavaningi Sithole’s musical gala.

Welcome Chirimambowa of house number 4667 St Kelvin, Chipinge was dragged to court by Praise Moyo (21) who is a student nurse at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

Chirimambowa was facing rape charges as defined in section 65 of the Criminal Law and Codification Act.

Prosecuting, Themba Dhliwayo said on June 24 around 12:30 am the two Chirimabhowa  and Moyo were drinking beer at Chipinge Golf Course where there was a musical gala.

Whilst drinking beer at the gala, Moyo excused herself from Chirimabhowa and the crowd and went to relief herself a distance away from a parked Police bus.

Unexpectedly, Chirimabhowa approached the complainant without saying a word, pushed her down and opened his trousers zip and had sexual intercourse with Moyo without her consent.

Moyo did not raise alarm or rescued herself due to her state of drunkenness. After the act, she went home where she met her friend and she narrated the incident to her.

The court heard that on June 26 Moyo reported the case to the police and was referred to Chipinge District Hospital for medical examination.

She was examined and it was confirmed that there was penetration.

However, Magistrate Chipinge Regional Magistrate, Noel Mupeiwa acquitted Chirimambowa after he found that the two had consensual sex.

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