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Man kills self after death of wife

 An elderly man could not live without his life and decided to take his own life shortly after she died.

 The man’s wife passed away and was buried on 23 March, and her husband committed suicid3 one week later.

 The story left the local community heartbroken that the man could not see himself surviving without his wife.

The death of the old madala who took his life after his wife died left the community in deep mourning.

Eric Ndaba doused himself with petrol after his wife, Esther, was buried on 23 March.

His grandson, Phandelani, went to check on him on Saturday, 30 March, and he found the gates to the house locked.

He knocked, and when there was no response, he climbed over the fence.

Phandelani saw smoke coming out of the house, and after unsuccessfully knocking, the neighbours forcefully opened the door.

They then found Ndaba lying on the floor, dead.

Esther’s brother, Marcus Mahuma, revealed that Eric was depressed after his wife died and struggled to cope with her loss as a result of a broken heart.

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