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Man collapses and d!es at popular fast food outlet

In a sad development, a man collapsed and d!ed at a popular food outlet in Harare’s central business district on Monday.

The man, whose identity will be released by the police once his next of kin is informed of his passing, collapsed and d!ed outside Chicken Hotspot food court situated at Ottawa House, corner Angwa Street and Robson Manyika.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) swiftly responded and dispatched officers who attended the scene of the incident. The dece_sed was placed into a metal coffin.

A video of the incident shared by StarFM shows police officers lifting and placing the metal coffin in the back of a police vehicle. Efforts to get the full details from the police at the time of writing hit a roadblock.

After the video was shared, Zimbabweans hopped into the comments section and reacted to the tragic incident. A majority of the comments suggested that the man had d!ed from stress-related issues. Users urged men to open up and seek professional help to deal with mental health-related issues. Here are some of the comments:

Please man learn to speak when things get tough

TeePee Nyangani:

Men dont speak out wat hurts them…depression is real

Faffy L Sibandah:

So sad,men are going through a lot and its sad because they don’t talk much about their problems because they think they’re strong but at some point you need to share your problems

Dave Shumba:

So sad, tirikufamba hedu asi tirikurwara, physically, mentally etc. If you can check on your loved ones now and again please do so. Then vamwewo vanongoda kutipa pressure dziri unnecessary.

Danmore Mucherahohwa:

MHSRIP guys lets normalise kungotestwaa BP achiripo ma centres that are testing for free even mu CBD , cause haa i believe so long you are running ka small business or going kubasa ma stress akazara esp uri the head of the family.


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