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Mai TT arrested, kicked out of UK     

Zimbabwean controversial comedienne and musician, Mai TT, has recently been in the news after being detained in the UK for attempting to deliver her hand-crafted bags and doeks without the appropriate visa.

 The UK immigration authorities considered her actions as employment and detained her for further interrogation.

In an interview, Mai TT explained that one of her rivals had informed the UK Home Office that she would be working in the UK.

However, she clarified that she was only delivering her products to clients who had already paid online while she was back home. She maintained that she did not work in the UK but only brought her products to her clients.

Despite her immigration lawyer’s attempts to save her, the UK immigration authorities deported the influencer. The incident has caused quite a stir on social media, with many people sharing their opinions on the matter. Some have criticized Mai TT for not following the appropriate visa requirements, while others have expressed their sympathy for her.

She narrated her ordeal on social media;

“I told them I don’t work in the UK. All I do is bring my products to my clients who would have already paid online while I’m back home. They searched all my bags and found my cosmetics and the curtains I was bringing for Khloe.

“They did me an interview as to how I’m selling my products in the UK. I was honest and told them people pay me through my accounts or World Remit. After 2 hours, they returned and told me that what I was doing was employment. I needed the correct visa for that.”    

Her immigration lawyer tried to save her, but the UK immigration authorities deported the influencer. She conceded:

“I’m ok, and I’m going back home because there’s no need for me to stay, especially if my products can’t enter. When I get home, I will send these orders through shipping rather than bring them on my own cz. Obviously, some people are after my work.”

It is essential to note that visitors to the UK are not allowed to directly sell or provide goods and services to the public.

The UK immigration authorities consider it employment, and visitors must have the correct visa for that. Mai TT’s case highlights the importance of following the appropriate visa requirements when traveling to other countries.

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