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Macheso fires dancer Majuice

ALICK Macheso has indefinitely suspended lead dancer Selemani ‘Majuice’ Mpochi over indiscipline.

The popular dancer is said to have been reporting for duty late, and Macheso’s management had warned him on a number of occasions.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo management cracked the whip during their tour of Masvingo during the Easter holidays after he also appeared on stage late, sources within the camp said.

“He was told to go home until further notice. He used to come on stage late, sometimes after the man himself (Macheso) and management had been warning him over his behaviour.“He thought he was untouchable until the management told him there was only one leader, and it was only Mopao Mokonzi (Macheso),” said a source.

Majuice was missing in action during Macheso’s shows in Chivhu, Marondera, and Harare over the weekend.

Macheso confirmed Majuice’s suspension during his performance at Steak House on Sunday while addressing enquiries from fans.

“I am not sure about what transpired, management is better placed to answer your questions, but what I just know is that basa rakapera for now, and I can not interfere with such decisions,” said Macheso.

Macheso told the crowd that ‘no one was bigger than the band.’

“Kutamba hakuriri, waya ndidzo dzinorira, Nowero mutsa tifambe nayo,” said Macheso, much to the delight of the crowd.

One of the dancers, Kariba, who is equally good, appeared to have taken over the lead dancer role.

The lead dancer at Orchestra Mberikwazvo usually performs next to Macheso, and Kariba occupied that place – regularly getting some cheers from Macheso.

Meanwhile, Macheso continues to sample new songs from his forthcoming album set to be released on June 7 at Alex Sports Club in Harare.

In the meantime, the sungura king shifts focus to the Chesology Sungura Festival to be held at Bindura Country Club this Saturday.

The show will see a number of sungura musicians in the country, led by Macheso, sharing the stage.

Some of the artists to perform include Suluman Chimbetu, Nicholas Zakaria, Leonard Zhakata, Simon Mutambi, Paradzai Mesi, Somandla Ndebele, Sugar Sugar, Peter Moyo, Tindo Ngwazi and Cheso Boys.


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