Lowveld Pro-Am winner pockets US$10k     

CHIREDZI- The much-anticipated Lowveld Pro-Am Golf tournament which is back on the Zimbabwe Golf Association calendar after a few years break was a huge success, and saw the overall winner walking away with US$10 000.

David Amm, a professional golfer from Harare was the overall winner of the prestigious Lowveld Pro-Am 2024 Golf Tournament, after 3 days of grueling playing.

On day 1 Amm shipped a score of 69, on day 2 day he managed a score of 65 and on the last day 69 points on a combined score of 203 and walked home with US10 000, Trophy and a Shield.

He expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors for making the event a success including the Triangle Country Club and Hippo Valley Estates for hosting the event and also for their hard work in improving the courses which were up to standard.

Amm further explained that for professional golfers these events give them opportunities to go out and showcase their talents, the more tournaments they have the better they play.

“If you look around at other countries, they have big tours like the DP World Tours which has 30-40 tournaments a year compared to us who have 4-5 tournaments.

“For us professionals this is our way of life so I would like to thank the sponsors and organizers for making this happen, it was incredible. These kind of events give us an opportunity to showcase our talents. So anytime we get an opportunity like this it means a lot to us,” said Amm.

ZGA president, Martin Chikwana said  it gives  great pleasure to celebrate the tournament that came as a result of individuals and organizations who have a vision and desire to inspire the spread of the sport to all corners of the country.

The Triangle tournament becomes the 2nd biggest event in the golf calendar outside the capital city.

“Not only does such events serve to inspire the local youths, it is an opportunity afforded to our professionals to play at such a big events.

“This event also sharpened our professional skills in preparation for the Zimbabwe Open in 2months time since they need more competition of high intensity.

“We do hope this sets an example to what can be achieved when corporates come together.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tongaat Hulett and its partners as well as Masvingo golfers for this landmark event and hope that this sets an example of what can be achieved when corporates work together.

“Not only does this serve to inspire the local youths but it is also an opportunity for our professionals to play for such big events,” said Chikwana.

He also paid tribute to Tongaat Hulett for trusting ZGA with the responsibility of running the event.

“As an association it was an opportunity to showcase our organizational abilities that further highlights our capacity as a national structure, all this is properly articulated by our strategic document which was birthed 2 years ago.

“I hope we have met our expectations and pray that we have not disappointed, we hope this becomes an annual tournament and grows bigger and bigger,” he said.

Tongaat Hullet head of corporate and industry affairs, Dr Dahlia Garwe told the Midweek watch that they are trying to revive the Lowveld Pro-Am golf tournament with the intention of raising funds particularly for the under privileged in the society.

“Particularly in this case we are looking at the medical side of things, we want to upgrade the clinics and as we revive the Lowveld Pro-Am tournament with the intention of raising funds for the under privileged in our society, we also want young golfers to get involved in the sport since it has this label of being an elite sport, we do not want that notion to stick,” said Garwe.

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