Lower Gweru man turns rotten tomatoes into cash


In the bustling Mtapa market, where traders lament over rotten and squashed tomatoes, one man has found a way to transform this seemingly worthless produce into a golden opportunity.

Lizwelishe Moyo, a 42-year-old entrepreneur, takes rotten tomatoes as a lucrative business that can change lives and redefining the value of discarded tomatoes.

Hailing from the rural set up of lower Gweru, Moyo embarks on a journey to the famous Mtapa market, not in search of prime tomatoes, but rather to salvage the rejected and abandoned ones.

Armed with a vision and determination, this former Midlands State University graduate has turned his attention to making a living by producing tomato seedlings from these discarded fruits.

For over a decade now, Moyo has honed his craft and has achieved remarkable success.

Not only has he provided for his family, but he has also managed to purchase two vehicles and send his children to school.

 “I have been doing this for the past 10 years, and I have been able to support my children’s education and provide for their daily needs,” Moyo proudly declares.

Moyo’s expertise in producing tomato seedlings has made him the biggest supplier in the Dimbamihwa villages.

Farmers in the area prefer his seedlings over those available in the shops.

The secret behind his success lies in the quality of the tomatoes that grow from his seeds.

Moyo’s seedlings yield robust and disease-resistant tomatoes, eliminating the need for costly chemicals and pesticides.

“The tomatoes that grow from these seeds are superior to those found in shops. They are of excellent quality and naturally resistant to diseases. I have never had to buy chemicals for my tomatoes because the seeds are naturally potent,” explains Moyo, highlighting the advantages his seedlings offer to local farmers.

Moyo’s success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and small holder farmers in remote rural areas.

His journey from salvaging rotten tomatoes to becoming a prosperous supplier of high-quality seedlings demonstrates the transformative power of innovation and determination.

 By recognizing the untapped potential in discarded produce, Moyo has not only elevated his own life but also made a positive impact on the agricultural community.

As Moyo continues to expand his business, his success story resonates as a testament to the opportunities that can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Through his perseverance and ingenuity, he has not only turned waste into wealth but has also contributed to sustainable farming practices by offering naturally resilient seedlings.

In a world where discarded tomatoes were once seen as worthless, Moyo has unlocked their hidden potential and created a thriving enterprise.

 His story is a reminder that with vision, dedication, and an entrepreneurial spirit, one can truly make a difference and transform the lives of many.

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