Let’s have a paradigm shift in business leadership-Taruberekera

Kadoma City based property business mogul, Kudakwashe Taruberekera says it’s time to buck the old system and forge new leadership trends in order to drive success for the future of organisations.

Taruberekera, who is CEO of Craft Properties, a real estate and land development company, made these remarks at the Dubai Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference where he had been invited courtesy of the MasterMinds Business School based in the United Kingdom.

The conference is a gathering of the most influential private and public sector leaders invited from all over the world with a key focus on networking and discussing best practiced leadership strategies.

Taruberekera said it was time to have transformational leadership in business since there were great dynamics in the way business is being run these days.

“There is the issue of the much talked about artificial intelligence in which most organisations worldwide implementing,” he said.

“Artificial intelligence is now taking over in almost every business sector be it mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing you name it.

“Use of artificial intelligence in business highly improves efficiency in though it has a negative impact on other issues.”

He emphasised the need for leaders to embrace new technologies.

“There was widespread misconception of the use of technologies like social media platforms such as Facebook in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“In some countries Facebook is being used by companies to market their products and services while in Zimbabwe people use it differently, mainly for gossip and memes. 

“We need to embrace new technology in business and ensure that we effectively utilise it for the benefit of our organizations.

“If we do not take issues like the advent of artificial intelligent seriously we will be overtaken by events as it is now the in thing worldwide.

“Look at how virtual meetings have helped people to discuss important issues without necessary travelling to physical meet. This helped a lot in reducing costs and time of travelling.”

Taruberekera said the Dubai Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference provides an exclusive opportunity to revolutionise the way leaders and their teams approach leadership.

“It is important that organisations like the MasterMinds Business School, United Kingdom are recognising businesspeople from Zimbabwe and inviting us to come for conferences of this magnitude,” he said.

“What we are learning here is not just meant for our own personal development, but should be

disseminated to other businesspeople in Zimbabwe so that they also improve on their leadership skills.”

Taruberekera said collective efforts are needed to ensure that all people in critical business positions are

equipped with necessary skills to enhance the way they manage and relate to their subordinates at their

work places.

“This is very important in rewiring organizations for greatness to ensure sustainability of every organisation,” he said.

The Craft Properties boss believes in democratic leadership style that encourages the free exchange of ideas within an organisation.

“Managers should value every member’s voice and only the managers should act as facilitators or spokespersons,” he said.

“Democratic leadership style relies on the participation of every member of the organisation and emphasises the value and expertise each member brings to the table.

“Every member of management shares the freedoms and responsibilities of leadership.”

Meanwhile, Taruberekera was awarded the Doctor of Business Administration by the MasterMinds Business School, United Kingdom.

The land developer was also elected a fellow of MasterMinds Business School UK having satisfied the requirements for admission and in recognition of competence in leadership and management strategies and outstanding performance as a professional fellow. 

Taruberekera also successfully completed an Executive MBA in Leadership and Management from the same institute.

This comes after he was awarded a Professorship in Business and Economy by the Academic Union Council, Oxford in United Kingdom two years ago.

Taruberekera said there was need for Zimbabweans to promote the economic development of their country.

“Zimbabweans from all spheres of life can help in promoting the country’s development while sharing the best that the country can offer in terms of investment and economic development,” he said.

Taruberekera has travelled the length and breadth of the world preaching Zimbabwe’s economic versatility.

The well-travelled business executive has also become an ambassador and advocate trying to lure investors to Zimbabwe.

“We take pride in representing our country, Zimbabwe, in all the meetings we have been invited to

attend as Craft Properties, taking into consideration the huge potential we have to grow our economy,” Taruberekera said.

Meanwhile Taruberekera was invited to attend the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress to be held in at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in the United Arab Emirates from January 29 to February 1 next year.

The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress provides a platform to address and outline global healthcare challenges while providing attendees with opportunities to network with industry leaders from around the world and enables companies to showcase progress and achievements in the sector. The Standard Style.

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