LaConco (30) opens up on love affair with Jacob Zuma (81)

South African reality TV star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco just opened up about her relationship with former South African president Jacob Zuma.

The pair’s romance raised many eyebrows when it first made headlines and now she has shared how everything started for the two of them.

Real Housewives of Durban star LaConco is very secretive when it comes to her private life. The 30-year-old first became famous after it was rumoured that she had married ex-president of South Africa Jacob Zuma.

The pair had a child but split shortly after their union and LaConco later claimed to be dating a mystery man who she refers to only as “Petal”.

Despite moving on, every year, she wishes her ex Jacob Zuma a very happy birthday. Coincidentally, their son shares the same birth date.

A few days ago, the media personality shared how the two’s relationship began all those years ago.

According to her, she kept things under wraps from everybody for at least two years after they first started seeing one another.

“I noticed his behaviour changed when I was at the homestead. People used to call me sometimes asking if I was at home because they believed he acted differently when I was around. I then held that role,” she said.

LaConco said she often spoke with Zuma on FaceTime and kept in touch during his rallies.

“The first thing I told him before telling my sister, father mother, or anyone else that there is someone who wants to start a polygamous relationship with me was that I wanted to know the man behind the blue lights. He then took me on that journey.

“I kept our relationship to myself, I didn’t tell anyone for about two years, I kept it to myself. We were in a relationship for about two years and I did not tell anyone. We built a bubble for ourselves, our own space,” she told an Ukhozi FM presenter. google

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