“Kedu Kondo”, …The Kamikaze Old Man

Aaron Gono

To “third worlders” the answer is definitely” yes”. The old man deserves to be a ” Mampara” of the century.

He is fixated on conquering the world and raise the capitalistic flag higher. This episode of eliminating any divergent views began in the early 1960s, by then big brother was fighting ” communism”, which was narrated as a threat to world peace and development.

 El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Iraqi, Vietnam, Cuba, got some jabs from the Big Brother. During the Vietnam War, the old man was already seeing this action of destruction, which he is now perfecting with modern precision weapons.

All nuclear warheads are in ready position to attack any perceived threat. North Korea, Japan, Iran, Israel, Russia, America and Europe are all breathing fast, as nuclear war can erupt anytime. The old man of the United States is the one responsible for all this instability.

He is pouring billions of dollars in dangerous wars, instead of de-ecalating, he is escalating these tensions. He is threatening China not to give logistical support to Russia, but he is doing the same to Ukraine, Taiwan, Phillipines, and Japan; in anticipation of weakening the Democratic People’s Republic of China.

 Even a madman won’t support such a move. Currently the U.S Congress has passed a bill to ban TikTok and the same leader of that Congress is asking for a favour. You are divesting China’ s businesses and you also need cooperation in other areas.

 The American mainstream media accuses Donald Trump of being a protectionist. But he never banned any application during his term, he only raised tariffs for some Chinese goods only.

The old man of the States is busy trying to dismantle everything Sino, before the November elections, which he will definitely loose to Donald Trump, if he happens not to steal the elections as he did in 2020, because of his poor handling of all wars which he initiated.

 Donald Trump is currently being arraigned before the courts in order to discredit him as unfit for leading the White House. It is a better for a fraud to run the affairs of White House than a war criminal.

Mr. Biden, the damage you have promoted in Ukraine and some underhand dealings since January 2021 are unbearable. Yet you tout democracy as something you stand for; and you mention God in these endeavors. Shame on you Mr. President.

When he left Afghanistan in a huff in 2021, l said to myself ” this is wonderful.” I didn’t know the old boy was strategizing to fight and weaken Russia. How many young men are being led to their deaths in Ukraine?

Exhausted and traumatized Ukraine soldiers are being supplied with weapons to fight America’ s war. Japan is being armed once again to protect America’ s interests; it has forgotten the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

 America hosted the Japanese Prime Minister, as a sign of camaraderie to protect it from the Chinese influence. China only wants to do business with the world and the U.S sees a threat on that front.

So, the Japanese and French leaders to appear tough and hardliners are singing war cries in their sleep. Macron wants to be Napoleon Bonaparte.

In the 1980′ s and 90’s what is happening now in Europe was perceived as Africa’ s way of doing things, fighting among tribes was the norm.

 And those instabilities were created in the West. Now the Europeans not to be outdone by Africa are showing the world their DNA of violence long hidden and pasted to  ” third worlders.”

Europeans are violent by nature, from the slave trade, to the Ku Klux Klan, Sien Fein, and some small organizations which are not amplified but are ruthless in nature, e.g the Cosa Nostra, Al Capone, etc, they breathe violence and sneeze death.

China and America can avert this world crisis in a single day if they are willing to do so. But now America’s new world order has fallen in tatters; it also wants to make sure Russia won’t rise above it.

That is why it quickly deployed billions of military aid to Ukraine, last week. The cold war rivalry is still on and America wants to see a subdued and weakened Russia. China, North Korea and Iran are testing the invincibility of America’ s modern fighting.

And all countries are making a profit in this war.

“Some Marxists say racism is a product of the economic system, of capitalism. Would you accept that? No. It has to do with conquest, with oppression. If you’re robbing somebody, oppressing them, dictating their lives, it’s a very rare person who can say: Look, I’m a monster. I’m doing this for my own good. Even Himmler didn’t say that”,- Noam Chomsky.

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