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Juju suspicion as a shindi is spotted at Sisk shops


MUCHEKE-There was pandemonium and commotion as revelers, shoppers scurried for safety when a squirrel (shindi) came running across the shops darting crowds into one of the butcheries’ cold rooms at the popular Sisk Shopping Centre in Mucheke.

Imbibers, shoppers, takeaway operators threw all sorts of theories as the reason for the shindi to run across the crowded shopping centre in and out of more than five shops before it was cornered at around 5pm last Saturday.

“This is clear juju, how can such a wild animal be spotted at a crowded place like Sisk, worse still running through people’s legs and looking for somewhere to hide.

“We suspect the butchery owner or her rivals are behind the squirrel which has caused a stir at the shops.

“To make the situation worse one of the butchery owners wept when she saw the wild small cat like animal entering her shop looking for somewhere to hide.

“This is strange, I have been staying here for the past 20 years and I have never witnessed anything like this,” said one socialite identified as Giant.

Efforts to get a comment from the shop owner were fruitless as she was said to have gone for restocking.

A number of people confirmed the strange incident and said they suspected foul play as it is rare to spot a wild animal in the city.

Sekeru Jenya, a prominent traditional healer from Rujeko said chances are that the animal could have escaped from its hideout in order to expose its master after something went wrong in terms of the set oaths on how to keep it.

“It could be that the animal was not fed at its usual time hence it went out running for food and as a way of exposing its owner, anogona akaresva mhiko yekuchek=ngeta chimhuka ichi. It is difficult to imagine such an animal running from the bushes that are 300 metres away only to be spotted at the shops where there are hordes of people going about their business,” said Sekuru Jenya.

The squirrel was pulled form the cold room and killed by the employees.

 The Midweek Watch has been reliably informed that the employee who masterminded the killing of the wild animal has been admitted in hospital after mysteriously falling ill on Sunday (today).

This publication could not get the name of the employee who has since been admitted in hospital.

“Our profits just vanish mysteriously and now we know why, surely how can a squirrel just run around the shops getting in and out just like that, now we have the answers,” said the businesslady who declined to be identified.

Efforts to get a comment from Zimbabwe Parks and Wild life Management Authority director of communications and public relations, Tinashe Farawo were fruitless as his mobile phone was not being picked.

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