Journey to discovering your talents

Personal talent is the fuel that drives the trajectory of our lives. It is a precious gift that, when discovered and maximized, transforms who we can become.

 Much like a seed, talent requires the right conditions to bloom and add real value to our personal and professional lives. Self-discovery is the process of understanding your true self: your values, your needs and wants, even what food you like and dislike.

 “You cannot see your nose no matter how beautiful it is”

As much as we cannot see our own nose, we are often blind to things that are good and beautiful within our self. It can be really difficult to see our own talents because they reside in places we least expect. We may be good at things that the society might perceive as bad yet we believe in them.

Start by reflecting on your self

“Self-reflection is a crucial tool in unlocking your talents.”

  • Believe that talents come in all shape and sizes
  • Open your mind to all possibilities
  • Extend your possibilities to all areas of your life

Look back to your past

Your childhood dreams and hobbies can be hidden triggers to discovering your talents.”

  • Search for the things that you have done
  • What is it that you enjoyed doing
  • Look at times that you real excelled
  • What is it that you achieve with pride and you did not care what other people thought
  • What were your child hood hobbies
  • Focus on your hobbies and that which you can do better than every one else
  • Think of the challenges you faced in life
  • For in times of trials our hidden skills are revealed

What is it that you enjoy

“Our talents often hide in plain sight, lurking within activities we find joyful and fulfilling.”

  • Things that make you happy can also reveal your talent
  • Think of things when you engage in them you loose track of time until you have completed them. This might hint your talent
  • Find a subject that you cannot resist sharing with friends or family members and this subject means a lot to you. This might be a hint t a talent that you have

Evaluate what you are good at

“There is a big difference between what we enjoy and what we are good at.”

  • Our talents might lie in things we do not enjoy doing and things we do not even think about
  • What are the things that Co e naturally to you
  • Think of the things you do not struggle with
  • Your behaviour in correcting other people in certain areas of life might be indicative of a talent

Reflect on your successes

Your past successes can be a crucible that holds the key to your talents.”

  • Think about times when you really achieved success and you felt about to burst with pride of your success.
  • Revisit that task because this can indicate a talent you posses

Revisit the story of your life

“Your life story can reveal the talents you possess.”

  • It reveals talents that you might consider developing
  • It can also reveal what you want in for your life and it helps you to focus on talents you should cultivate to achieve your goals

Ask those close to you

“Soliciting feedback from friends, family, and colleagues, as well as self-observation, can help reveal talents.”

  • Have an outside perspective of your talents
  • People will be happy to tell you what they perceive as your strength

Experience life

Exposing yourselves to a wide variety of experiences is vital to talent discovery.”

  • Create time to discover your new talents
  • Expand your talents beyond what you are now.
  • Your talents lie in things that you have not tried yet
  • Think about how you are spending your time now
  • Consider your priorities and remove things that do not add value to your self
  • Seek for new experiences by breaking unprofitable habits

Create time for your self

“If you spend time watching videos, drinking in night clubs, snorting drugs and worshipping the sex temple, you will never have time to understand your self.”

  • Make time that is exclusively yours
  • Go on a journey of self discovery and self reflection. 
  • Break  old habits and start creating new activities

Build on your existing skills

  • Your skill can be turned into real talent by taking time to develop it for experience is born out of repeat practice
  • Find a coach to guide you
  • Improve by acquiring new technology through educating yourself
  • Continuous practice is the key to nurturing your talents.

Go beyond your boundaries

“Be willing to take a risk.”

  • Remove from your mind the notion that because you have not done so you cannot do it.
  • Remove the inferiority complex of not being good enough or being not smart enough
  • Do not see yourself being not that kind of person for you don’t know if you are that kind of person until you start becoming that kind of a person

Go back to school

“Cultivate a mindset of curiosity and a desire for continuous learning.”

  • Subjects of interest can be developed into a talent
  • Take block releases if you are employed
  • Do distance learning through online classes

Travel to expand experiences

“Be open to new experiences.”

  • Travelling gives you a new insight into things
  • It will challenge you and teach more about yourself than you thought possible

Take on challenges

“Step out of your comfort zone.”

  • Challenges remove us from our comfort zone and usual environments
  • If you run away from challenges you deny yourself the opportunity to shine


It’s crucial to remember that persistence is key. The path to mastering your talents can be challenging. But the ability to persevere, maintain your dedication, and express a level of creative genius will ensure you realize your talents to their fullest extent. Finding your talent means finding your space. It is important to remember that talent is a natural aptitude enhanced by passion, not merely a learned skill.



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