Jadecon ventures in stapple food manufacturing


Jadecon Foods introduces 10kg bag of roller meal, bringing quality and accessibility to the Masvingo community.

Jadecon Foods, an emerging food supplier based in Masvingo, is proud to announce the market introduction of its 10kg bag of roller meal.

With a firm commitment to quality and ensuring accessibility for all, Jadecon Foods aims to provide a reliable and affordable staple food option to consumers.

Accessibility is a core value at Jadecon Foods. We understand the significance of providing affordable food options without compromising on quality.

 Our 10kg bag of roller meal is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers across the market.

 We believe that everyone should have access to wholesome, nourishing meals, and our roller meal offering is designed to fulfill this need.

Jadecon Foods invites consumers, retailers, and distributors to experience the quality and affordability of our 10kg bag of roller meal.

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