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 It’s the thought that counts …..


Giving back to the community is more than just a noble idea, it’s a way to change lives and make a difference.

And for Beauty Kujinga and her organisation Rock n Roll, giving back is a way of life.

Kujinga said “My poor background which was characterised by so many hardships, some of which were very difficult to endure, gave me hope and aspirations to someday fulfill my long time vision.

“Instead of having a heavy heart that drums with bitterness about my past, I thought rewarding all my pain with love would give me satisfaction in my heart.

“I was born and bred in Munjanja Village, under Chief Makore of Gutu. I was raised in a peasant family that relied much on farming activities for family upkeep.

“I attended school at Chimedza Primary School and proceeded to Rupiri High School for my Ordinary. My family could not afford to either pay for my school fees, buy school uniforms or send me to better schools.

“I could walk for nearly 6km to the different schools barefooted. Sometimes, when my parents got blessed with a few dollars, they bought me sandals which would not last for long because of the terrain and distance.

“Having a complete school uniform, was a very big nightmare to me. Whilst day dreaming to have one, my parents sent me to school in casual clothes,” said Kujinga.

Despite the schools being far she had to endure and attend as her parents would do general work at the learning institutions in exchange for her school fees and food.

This trying time made her to understand how one is limited at such a tender age despite having some well up close family members.

Recently Kijinga and his organisation, Rock n Roll approached the head of Chimedza primary school and identify all the disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted pupils whom he believed that they would stand a chance to get her assistance. 

They managed to donate twenty (21) pairs of school shoes to the pupils, paid school fees for 10 kids who were in need as a Rock n’ Roll Generation.

“We have many organisations and people who have made it in life but they don’t care about the less privileged out there.

“Some are orphaned some have disabled parents some don’t even know where their parents are and their dream is to at least go to school and change their lives.

  “It might not only be the fees the books going, but some just need that moral and financial support or even old clothes and utensils that you no longer use or want to dispose of.

“Everyday, we look forward to understand how to please God and how to add value to the relationship between us and God and one of the easy ways to please him is just to give in Matthew 25:40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

The rewards of giving back to the community are not just measured in dollars and cents, they are measured in the lives that are changed, the connections that are made, and the love that is shared.

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