It’s not from Wicknell,…Nox buys Mercedes Benz

Musician Nox Guni shows off new car, and he is making it clear that this one didn’t come Wicknell but hard work.

This has caused a stir on social media as social media users have praised Nox Guni as a real man. On his Facebook account, Nox Guni, who is celebrating the purchase of his latest car, showed images of his new whip Mercedes Benz 4×4 vehicle.

Captioning the images, Nox Guni expressed his gratitude to Jesus for allowing him to buy another car. “We celebrate every milestone. Thank you Jesus for another one.” he wrote.

Social media erupted with reactions when netizens congratulated Nox Guni on the recent purchase of his car.

 This praise comes in the context of recent events surrounding Wicknell Chivayo’s car giveaway spree. Social media users applauded Nox Guni for purchasing the car independently instead of depending on others for handouts.

Netizens hailed Nox Guni as a real man, arguing that he is the only male artist in Zimbabwe who has bought a car by himself without begging another man.

They compared their self-sufficiency to that of other Zimbabwean artists who have received cars as gifts from Wicknell Chivayo or have resorted to begging him for cars.

These are some of the reactions;

@Sekuru Soko Mukanya;

New York, it’s great, kwete zvekungonzi enda undoona, Victor, home boy, you showed us the meaning of being independent through hard work.

@Tatenda Tererai Terence Mamutse;

Cheziya rako Wezhira, this is very proud of you. cheziya chinodadisa panechekukamurirwa..Congratulations Zaka Prince

@Mormento Moyo;

Ndomurume EGA kumaZim artist

@Forgie Madhura;

Congratulations, Nox! Wamira looks at apa wangu. You’ve been in the game for quite some time, well deserved@Heydon Nyaruwabvu Ba Deryl;

That’s what we’re talking about: the artist must allow himself these things, without depending on others.

@Gerald Mafika;

You are a real man, some will become homosexual, just because they like things… There is never a free shit in the world.

@Seasonal scratching posts;

You are the best brother, you are a man because of your hard work, you will enjoy your journey, no kuombera wamwe warume kkkkkk.

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