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Introduce property rights in schools-poet Albert Nyathi


GWERU- Renowned and seasoned author, singer and poet, Albert Nyathi has urged the government to incorporate the intellectual and copyright program in school as efforts to help the youngsters on the importance of intellectual property.

Nyathi said this during the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) workshop held in Gweru with stakeholders in the arts industry on intellectual and copyright sensitization.

Speaking to The Midweek Watch on the sidelines of the workshop, Nyathi said it was good for the issue of copyrights to be taught in schools starting at high school level as the matter is becoming a topical one hence the need to catch them young.

He also said most people have a misconception of thinking that property rights refer to cars, laptops and immovable things.

“The main aim of this workshop was to talk about copyright issues, people must understand on how intellectual property because people think of laptops, houses, phones, cars they never thought that something like music can a property.

“Intellectual property should be protected to help promote and grow the works of musicians.

“How best can we win this war, we should then start by teaching children from a tender age to understand the importance of property rights, why not teach copyright issues in school.

“We know there is a Masters Degree being offered by Africa University on the issues of intellectual properties but we can’t start at Masters level, it’s good to start at lower level so that it becomes a culture,” he added.

ZIMURA deputy director Henry Makombe also articulated the significance of the awareness campaigns which they are carrying out throughout the country.

“We need to empower our law enforcement agents for them to understand the Copyright Law, the role of Zimura, benefits of registering with Zimura and appreciate how Zimura works with other stakeholders in the music industry,”

“We wish to capacitate lecturers and students from tertiary institutions to appreciate what the Copyright Act says in relation to exclusive rights.

“The infringement of copyright, how musicians can use trademarks to enhance their brand and differentiate themselves from others,” Makombe said.

Radio personality, Victor Nyanhete aka Dynamite encouraged artists to produce quality music for them to get the much needed airplay.

She added that Radio stations were forthcoming when it comes to playing good music.

Recently veteran gospel singer, Charles Charamba pulled down Zimdanchall artist, Jah Signal’s song for infringing the copyrights of the former’s songs with his permission.

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