Inter Africa wins big at CIPM awards


HARARE-Arguably the biggest public transport operator in the country, Inter Africa Pvt Ltd is enjoying life in the sun after it was adjudged the second best at the Chartered Institute of Public Management (CIPM) prestigious awards.

The awards were held at a local hotel in Harare last week.

Inter Africa formerly Mukumba Brothers is owned by Dr Bishop Leonard Mukumba and his company came second in the Transport Solution and Management Project where CAG Travellers of Dr Afra Nanhanda came first with Trip Trans coming third in the same category.

Inter Africa won the award for their professional services and innovation in delivering solutions to the challenges in the public transport sector.

The giant transporter offers free ride to persons over 80 years and children below the age of nine among other outstanding services.

The seasoned operator also showed commitment to sustainability and efficiency while having a positive support on the commuting public in partial fulfillment of Vision 2030.

Inter Africa started its operations 17 years ago and is now servicing the whole country including some regional routes.

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