Independent candidate Cheza promises a new dawn in Harare East


HARARE-Independent candidate Ropafadzo Cynthia Cheza has vowed to win the Harare East parliamentary seat, despite spirited efforts to ban her rallies and alleged vote-buying by Zanu PF.

Cheza, who has expressed her support for the leadership of Nelson Chamisa, is contesting in the upcoming by-election scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2024.

The seat fell vacant after the former incumbent legislator, Rusty Markham, resigned following Nelson Chamisa’s departure from the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), citing infiltration in the party.

Last week, the police denied permission for Cheza’s rally on the grounds that the venue had already been booked by another political party.

However, ZANUPF was allowed to hold its rally in the constituency, which was addressed by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

In an interview with The Midweek Watch, Cheza remained defiant, emphasizing that victory is certain and has already deployed all arsenal to win the seat.

Adding that all systems are in place to defend and guard the vote.

“Our teams are actively engaging with voters, urging them to turn out in large numbers and exercise their right to vote. We are not intimidated, and we encourage all residents of Harare East to stand up for their rights and not be swayed by the handouts offered by ZANU PF, as they are not sustainable,” she said.

“As a future legislator, I will advocate for national policies that attract investors and legislation that grants local authorities the autonomy to make decisions that enhance service delivery to the citizens of Zimbabwe,” Cheza added.

She stressed that the constituency will never go to ZANU PF but should instead be represented by the alternative she offers.

A business entrepreneur, Cheza highlighted her commitment to pushing for the enactment of enabling laws that promote good governance and uphold the constitution.

However, she raised concerns that her supporters were prohibited from displaying campaign posters in certain areas of the constituency, while ZANU PF was granted permission, suggesting “an uneven playing field”.

Cheza’s campaign has been bolstered by prominent opposition figures, including former Harare Mayor Ian Makone and Markham.

As the campaign intensifies, the ruling ZANU PF party is rallying behind its candidate, Kiven Mutimbanyika.

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