In quest for truth, justice, peace. The story of Matigari..


The key question is, “Where can one armed with belt of peace find truth and justice in this world?”
In Africa context, where can we find Justice for the wrongs met on us by colonialism and current neocolonialism?

Where can we get the truth as its said that its only the truth that will set us free.

Matigari went in courts to seek justice and here was the response👇🏿👇🏿
I am looking for truth and justice in this country!’
‘You really brought yourself to these courts in search of truth
and justice?’
‘But is this not where thejudges and lawyers are to be found?’
Matigari asked.
‘Shall answer your question with the real truth?’
‘Yes. I am looking for no justice other than the justice which has its roots in truth.’
‘Let me give you a bit of advice, then. Go get a rope and hang yourself immediately … For your kind of questions will lead
you. to the grave .. .’
He went away, shocked..

The true seeker of truth never loses hope. The true seeker of real
justice never tires. A farmer does not stop planting seeds just
because of the failure of one crop. Success is born of trying and
trying again. Truth must seek justice. Justice must seek the
truth. When justice triumphs, truth will reign on earth.

Yes this the mindset of a Revolutionary. They don’t give up. They don’t despair, they keep fighting.

There are two types of modern students, Matigari thought to
himself: those who love the truth, and those who sell the truth.

He-who-sows cleared the bush, cultivated the land, flattened it, sowed and tended the crop. He-who-reaps-where-he- never-sowed grabbed the land,
and it was he who took home the harvest. He-who-sows then built a house; he-who-reaps-where-he- never-sowed grabbed it.
He-who-sows made goods in industries, and he-who-reaps where-he-never-sowed came and took them. He-who-sows made some clothes, and he-who-reaps-where-he- never-sowed came and took these too. Whatever he-who-sows produced with his sweat and labour, he-who-reaps-where-he- never sowed would help himself to it…

The people need Answers to Matigari’s questions…The world needs peace and justice..



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