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Identity is a very delicate subject when it comes to human beings. In fact identity is at the core of humanity.

Identity serves as more than just a name tag, it has socio-political connotations as such we should tread with caution.

We should stop identifying ourselves as ‘black people’ or ‘Africans’ as there’s no such thing as the ‘black’ race. There’s only one race which is the human race. This distinction based on colour and geopolitics broods racism and hatred for our own selves.

 Just like other animals, a lion is a lion regardless of its colour or location, the human is the same as he shares the same origin – from our creator, of course. We share the same biological mechanism.

 Our digestive system, breathing mechanisms and mortality of the body does not differ according to race or colour. It’s all the same across the globe. We should strive to alienate and culminate this toxicity and self hate as it is a cancer to society.

They don’t call you ‘black’ or ‘negro’ because you are this nice and handsome person in melanin complexion. They call us ‘black’ to segregate and degrade us, to hold us down and deter us from reaching the epitome of our purpose. It is done to demoralise us but we should strive to resist the inhibition.

 If you call yourself ‘black’ you are basically implying that you don’t have an identity at all. One should be called by their name and answer to it not these racist and derogatory slurs.

 If you identify yourself as ‘African’ you are submitting to conquest by the ‘AFRIKANNER’ man. That word or name implies our acceptance of or submission to the conquest. These two names, if answered to, imply that one is a nobody and it basically gives any tyrant power over us. If you have an identity which is distinguished and supported by the name given unto you by your parents, then you should not answer to such derogatory  terms.

One must cease to see colour or race when they look at a person before them, rather they should seek their potential and worth. Our bodies are mere vessels , what matters most is what harboured inside the bosom. The potential, will and energies that each of us encompass, if noticed and given room, can change the world and bring peace on it.

We know everything about our physical being but we barely know anything about our spiritual being. We have to discover more within ourselves and draw inspiration from within.

 If we knew the power our mind harnesses and just a fraction of what we are supposed to know , we would elevate to the unimaginable peaks. There’s a vast knowledge base within ourselves and if we can just tap into it we will reach the epitome of our potential and fulfil our purpose.

People are so desperate to come out of the system but they lack a medium with which to escape through. If we give up the system , we ought to have another better one in place to keep things at a norm.

 We can’t give up the system and go back to live like cavemen and savages. We have to be astute and recreate self to adapt to the constant changes of the world.

The way to the universe is not through the sky but rather through our minds. The mind on its own is an inexplicable and unimaginable force within us. We have to find a way of thinking that keeps us focused.

 One has to try to open that portal within the mind to become totally spiritual and learn to affect their circumstances and fate. If we connect with our inner self then , only then can we access the vast knowledge encompassed in us by nature.

Tatenda ‘Colourful Villain’ Matake is a dedicated young writer/poet who seeks to tackle issues of importance such as social justice and gender politics. He makes use of imagery to convey the themes in his writings and seek to awaken every African mind. He also fancies songwriting and topic based writing.

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