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Hwenje loses cash to armed robbers


SHURUGWI-Daring three robbers armed with a gun and iron bars pounced on Victor Hwenje’s residence, got away with various goods and US$500 cash.

Midlands police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident that occurred at Plot Motel, Shurugwi on February 3 at around 2am.

Insp Mahoko told The Midweek Watch that Hwenje (33) and his wife, Laiza Domeki (33), were asleep in their bedroom when they heard some noise emanating from the kitchen.

He said when Hwenje woke up to investigate, he met one of the suspects holding a rifle pointing at him.

“He grabbed the barrel of the rifle and the two wrestled. One of the suspects struck Hwenje several times on the head with an Iron bar until he fell down,” said Insp Mahoko.

Insp Mahoko added that the suspects proceeded to Domeki, struck her with the Iron bar on the head demanding cash.

Fearing for her life Laiza surrendered cash amounting to US$508, he said.

The suspects who are still at large also took an Itel cellphone before vanishing in the dark.

In an unrelated incident three people lost cash and property valued at US$848 to robbers at Charuma mine Dija, Shurugwi, on 2 February 2024.

The three, Pearson Mutandiwa (42), Liberty Chinyati (21) and a male juvenile were asleep when the six men entered the room armed with machetes and knives.

 The suspects took away cash amounting to US$718, various cellphones after threatening and thrashing the complainants before they ran away from the scene.

Insp Mahoko said the police is appealing for anyone with information which can lead to the arrest of the suspects in both cases to approach the nearest police station.

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