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Hubby bans wife from WhatsApp

A woman from Harare has taken legal action to secure a protection order against her husband of 25 years, citing a pattern of domestic abuse, which notably includes banning her use of social media for the past three years, including WhatsApp.

Dennyse Banda, the complainant, presented her case before Magistrate Johanna Mukwesha, detailing the physical and mental abuse she endured after her husband, Taurai Banda, imposed a WhatsApp ban in 2020.

Dennyse Banda accused her husband of engaging in multiple extra-marital affairs, including one with a close friend.

“He claimed I was discussing our personal matters with friends, so he opted to initiate a relationship with one of my close friends as a means to inflict emotional harm,”

The court also learned that Taurai had vacated their shared residence, taking with him five cars that they had jointly acquired. Taurai Banda, however, refuted the allegations, counter-accusing his wife of depriving him of his conjugal rights. He asserted that she was influenced by friends and family to disrespect him.

The man shared that he was trying to protect their marriage from unwarranted outside advice. Taurai shared that he saw nothing wrong with his actions as he was only trying to protect their marriage.

Despite Taurai Banda’s denial, Magistrate Mukwesha issued a protective order, instructing him to cease the reported abuse against his wife.

The court granted Dennyse Banda the requested protection order against her husband, emphasizing the importance of ensuring her safety and well-being.


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