How much will Chivayo lose in divorce case?

Announcement by Sonja of the impending divorce between her and businessman Wicknell Chivayo has cast light on how much she will generally make if the proceedings come through.

Chivayo married Sonja Madzikanda in 2017 and paid lobola amounting to US$ 50 000. On Monday, Sonja announced on Instagram that their marriage had collapsed.

“For the past two, three weeks, with all these such kind of squabbles, back and forth happening and I just kind like watching in the background,” she said.

“But, really, I wanna say thank you to everyone who has reached out.

“Myself and the kids are doing good. It’s actually Minana’s birthday on Friday and we are looking forward to that, Easter is around the corner, and again we are looking forward to that.

“Myself and Wicknell are no longer together, we haven’t been together for a while. It will just be made official, I think, probably it is just going to be more official and direct on the first of May.

“There are just a few things we need to iron out and we are still gonna be going back and forth about it but those people who know, know.

“So, all I can say, is he can do whatever he wants, with whoever he wants. He is allowed to do that as a single guy and I am also single.

“We still here, I am still gonna be John and Minana’s mom and I am sure Wicknell will still be a good dad to them.

“Love doesn’t win all the time, we not gonna keep forcing things. So, I appreciate everyone who has reached out.”

So, how much will she get from this celebrity divorce?

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A lawyer, whom H-Metro reached out to, said he didn’t want to be named but told us Sonja would be due to a substantial claim if she chooses to make a claim.

“The amendments which were done in the New Marriages Act do not apply to their marriage because the law doesn’t apply retrospectively.

“Generally, marriages in Zimbabwe are out of community of property, but when making a claim she will have to consider what they acquired during their marriage.

“For example, if the assets they have, including the top-of-the-range cars, are registered in a company’s name and she can claim if she has shares in the company.

“In the event they are registered in his name, she can still claim from the basis that the assets were acquired through a partnership.

 She must, however, be able to prove, the role she played in the acquisition of those assets and if they have multiple properties, there is a chance that she can get the matrimonial home and he keeps the rest of the properties.”

Even if the marriage was not registered, the lawyer said Sonja could still claim.

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