How many times can a heart be broken?

By Patience Raibo.

“We’re lucky, our hearts will break over and over again to reveal new ways of being, of thinking, and of loving.

Jamie Greenwood

Some days, you wonder how much is too much. How much more heartache can one person take before crumbling? When do you give up and say “enough”?

In the past, no matter how much I believed in love or how hard I tried, it always seemed to fall apart. After giving it some thought, I realised that heartbreaks  are unavoidable. With every loss comes a broken heart.

The end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, the separation from someone or something we value, family conflict, personal failure, and other negative events can all cause heartache.

When an unfortunate event knocks on your door, the first question that comes to the lmind is why did it happen, why did it happen to me, what should I have done differently, and at that point you are close to breaking point.

  At some point I reached my breaking point. I have  been heartbroken and disappointed numerous times. At one point, I thought I had  finally met the one, but that turned out to be false. I was madly in love with a man who was not the right man for me. I had invested my energy, hopes, and dreams in someone, and when we broke up, I was devastated. At the time, I felt like all I did was “give and give” and “love and love,” and I never felt loved or appreciated in return.

I had given up on love at the time, but after some time I realized the “cliche Time heals all wounds” is a cliche for a reason. It’s true. I realized I still needed love to grow and thrive as an individual. I learned to forgive, heal from past hurts, and constantly allow myself to give and receive love. I’ve certainly turned the painful experience around and discovered many silver linings that are shaping me into the woman I’m proud to be every day.

I realized after the breakup that you can love someone and still have to walk away. Love and compatibility are not synonymous. Walking away may not feel natural, but it is sometimes the best decision for rediscovering who you truly are.

Our hearts will break over and over again to reveal new ways of being, of thinking, and of loving.

They say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Each break allows our hearts to heal bigger than the last.

Yes, there is pain every time we’re cracked open. Immeasurable pain. And with each break, each sting of pain, our hearts are able to expand and strengthen our capacity to love.

I’m genuinely proud of my ability to have been crushed by love over and over again and still be willing to embark on the possibility of love all over again.

Don’t give up yet!

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