How long does God take to answers prayers?

Nyashadzaishe Rushwaya


The answer is “it depends” Luke 11; 9-10”and I tell you, ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened for you.

For everyone who asks receives and the one who seeks finds and to the one who knocks it will be opened.’

 God can answer prayers instantly.  In 2 Kings 20 there is a story of Hezekiah who was told of his death. It is said that Hezekiah was understandably upset when Isiah left the building.

 Hezekiah wept before the Lord and the Lord remembered him. For me I tried this prayer on one of my close uncles who had a severe stroke and most people who saw him in that state, saw nothing, but death. He had all the qualities that can describe a good person. I counted every good deed every good moment every opportunity on his behalf. Today he is still with us and to me his life is a living miracle.

They are certain prayers that God always answers immediately, and one of them is when one says “Lord forgive me”. God’s forgiveness is immediately upon a true repentance. This does not mean that our life situation will immediately change IT MAY TAKE TIME FOR GOD TO RESTORE OUR EMOTIONS, RELATIONSHIPS AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

 But it only takes a shirt time to turn to God and find his forgiveness. The same might be said for a prayer of surrender. God immediately accepts the surrender of our hearts to him.

Other prayers also take time to be answered this might simply mean that from our point of view the answer takes a while to appear eg Zachariah and Elizabeth prayed for a child.

God answered their prayer, but took long. Did God wait to answer the prayer immediately but determined that its fulfilment would be after many years? They are many instances in the bible that encourages us to keep praying, even when the answer does not immediately come

If you want to get God’s vision for your life, you must be prepared to hear it, you must withdraw to hear it and then wait to hear it. In Habakkuk 2 vs 1 its written that ‘’I will station myself ‘which means to stay put, or in other words I’m not moving or that one is going to be still and not going to move until they hear something from God.

Hurry is death of prayer. And as we feel all kinds of pressure to get in a hurry. Yet God won’t speak to us as we run out through the door. He wants us to care enough to linger in our prayer time. So many times we are running so revved up, we can’t slow down enough to tune in to God.

The bible says that David sat before the lord. Some people think that you have to kneel in prayer and that in one of many appropriate ways to pray, but it’s not the most common way. The most common way is to stand with your eyes wide open looking up to heaven and talking out loud to God. As you have this conversation with God, it does not mean that you will be answered instantly.

There are three things that David says you can do as you wait, firstly he says that, wait quietly in Psalms 62 vs 5 and secondly, wait patiently Psalms 37 vs 7 and finally   wait expectedly Psalms 130 vs 5. Waiting is a faith factor. We wait expectantly and waiting on God is never a waste of time. In fact, it’s some of the best time you will ever invest in your life

All this reminds us to pray and not give up. God hears prayer and answers. Even when he doesn’t appear to be present, he is nevertheless at work

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