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House reduced to ashes in beer binge uproar


GWERU-Munyaradzi Tanyanyiwa (41), of  Woodlands high density suburbs was left homeless and lost property worth thousands of dollars after his 13 roomed house was set ablaze in a beer drinking binge misunderstanding.

With the police  yet to ascertain the approximate total value of the property and goods destroyed in the arson attack that took place on  April, 17, 2024 at around 8:30pm.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel  Mahoko confirmed to The Midweek Watch that on the fateful day, Tanyanyiwa was brutally assaulted with punches all over his body by  Joseph McCarthy,  and later found his house engulfed in flames.

He said McCarthy (46) and Tanyanyiwa were drinking beer together at Woodlands Phase 1 Business Centre in Gweru.

During their interaction, an undisclosed matter seemed to have agitated McCarthy, leading him to become angry and resort to violence.

“Sensing imminent danger, Tanyanyiwa fled home with McCarthy in hot pursuit,” added Insp Mahoko.

Tanyanyiwa, the police heard, sought refuge at a neighbor’s residence after McCarthy caught up with him at his own homestead and continued the assault.

Approximately 30 minutes later, upon Tanyanyiwa’s return home, he discovered his house engulfed in flames.

Insp Mahoko said despite neighbors’ efforts to contain the fire, it was only extinguished with the assistance of the Gweru Fire Brigade and the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The fire resulted in the complete destruction of “the 13-room house, with the roof trusses and tiles collapsing,” explained Mahoko.

McCarthy is currently held in police custody, assisting with investigations.

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