Higher Life Foundation joins cholera fight in Buhera


BUHERA – Higher Life Foundation has donated cholera supplies to Buhera District, which is hot spot for the medieval disease in the country as part of ongoing efforts to combat the spread of the virus.

Speaking during the handover at Murambinda Mission Hospital, Higher Life Foundation regional manager, Tinashe Mudziviri said apart from the donation, his organization is also in the process of constructing 120 toilets in the district.

“We came with the cholera response supplies in addition to the ongoing project of helping the government to build 120 toilets in Buhera. Today’s donation together with the toilet construction project is worth USD$43 568,” said Mudziviri.

Standing in for Buhera Rural District Council CEO, Shuvai Chimhau extended her gratitude to Higher Life Foundation adding that the donation will help contain the disease in Buhera which is one of the country’s cholera hotspots.

“According to the ZIMVAC report, 32% of our population in Buhera are practicing open defecation and I think it’s the reason why we have this outbreak. The response by Higher Life Foundation will help us reduce the percentage of open defecation,” said Chimhau.

 Buhera District Medical Officer, Dr Shelton Kwiri commended Higher Life Foundation for the response noting that the supplies will help curb the disease and save lives.

“The donation of disinfectants we received today will be instrumental in addressing the pressing needs of our community during this cholera outbreak,

“The impact of this donation goes beyond the tangible resources provided, they serve as a symbol of solidarity and compassion reminding us that we are not alone in our trouble.

“The support received today not only provides relief to those affected by cholera but also instils the sense of hope and resilience in our community,” said Dr Kwiri.

The donated items include 96 stainless step bin, 5120l buckets, 140 tapped buckets, 24×10 bar soaps, 100x5l containers, 30 mops, 30 brooms, 10×100 aprons, 1000 black bin liners, 30x2kg washing powder, 13×1500 disposable theater caps.

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