Hear me Zimbabwe..🇿🇼

The root cause of Africans/Zimbabweans woes and suffering, as well as individual people’s life, is SELFISHNESS…Yes.

The opposite of Selfishness is Patriotism/Humanism.

We need to deal with this canker of Selfishness before it deals with us completely, as a people.

NB: We need to start saying and acting in almost every circumstance/situation *”WE”…but not “I” , which is the main symptom/characteristics of Selfishness…

We need to adopt strategies and elements such as Teamwork, Consensus building , Collaboration, Unity, Partnership, Empathy, Determination, Edurance, Persistency, Consistency, ,etc to/in building a New Zimbabwe 🇿🇼and a New Africa.

United we stand.Divided we fall….




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