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Health time bomb as sewer flows into Mandava homes


ZVISHAVANE – Zvishavane Town Council’s incompetence and poor service delivery has reached new low levels as families are now resorting to scooping sewer from their bedrooms risking contracting water borne diseases.

The whole of Mandava area is now a serious health time bomb amid cholera outbreak that the country is gripped with at the moment.

Surprisingly the area which has over flowing sewer is adjacent to the council offices and the executives’ cars pass through the area everyday.

The situation reached a crescendo last night as families residing at 5473 Council Park had to literally scoop sewer with fresh stool from their bedrooms.

Speaking to the Midweek Watch Zvishavane Original Residents Association chairperson, Kamino Simango said the council does not prioritise the residents’ health as evidenced by their negligence and failure to repair burst sewer pipes.

“Zvishavane Town Council is not concerned with service delivery for the residents, they are just after their salaries and allowances.

“What they are doing is tantamount to contempt of President as this is his hometown, poor service delivery is unbearable and unacceptable,” he said.

Silas Phiri a resident in the area said council has to bear with them and quickly fix the pipes that are oozing sewer into their homes and onto the roads where their children spend time playing as there are no more play centres.

“We do not know what we did to the local authority but they have to fix the situation as quickly as possible to avoid loss of lives as this is now scary,” he said.

The Zvishavane Town Council has 10 councillors from the opposition CCC and an MP and this could be compounding the problems in the town, as politics seems to be at play according to some residents.

Speaking to The Midweek Watch Zvishavane Town Council chairperson, Takarangana Keta said their main constrain is lack of funds to repair leaking pipes, maintain roads and properly service the mining town to the satisfaction of the residents.

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