Health scare as city clocks 5 days without water

-residents fume over crisis

 Roseline Mutare

Masvingo City-Ancient city residents are fuming over prolonged non availability of water following a scheduled shutdown which has gone for five days as fears of water bone diseases outbreak grow.

City of Masvingo issued a notice last week that there will be no running water on 20 and 21 June due to road works being carried out just after Exor.

“Today it is a Monday, which is a working day and most people have gone to work without taking a bath as the water they had stored for the two days has run out.

“We are also worried that there could be an outbreak of diseases due to non-availability of running water.

“There is an outbreak of a flu bug and water is essential for hygienic purposes, one needs to frequently bath but there is no water,” said Edward Nyoni from Mucheke D.

“Scheduled shutdown on the Bushmead Water Treatment Plant to pave way for completion of the road works across Harare-Beitbridge highway,” reads part of the notice issued to residents by the City of Masvingo.

The road works were scheduled to last for two days, unfortunately that has gone beyond five days and residents are now complaining that the water they had stored for the said days has run out.

Efforts to get an official comment from the council spokesperson, Ashleigh Jinjika were unsuccessful due to poor network being experienced in the country.

Ward 1 councilor, Sabina Chikwangwani told The Midweek Watch that council employees are working 24 hours to finish the road works which have beyond the expected timeline.

 “I am worried if people even had water to bath before going to work this morning.

“We urge the council to speed up whatever they are doing so that we get water, we can’t go for five days without water, not even to brush our teeth. Commuters are literally producing a bad odour in kombis due to non-bathing,” said another resident.

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