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Harare City reignites Vision 2025 plan


HARARE: The City of Harare has said it needs to reshape its transformative Vision 2030 in line with structural changes in society in order to specifically address challenges faced by the itys stakeholders.

Speaking at the transformation workshop, City of Harare Town Clerk, Hosiah Chisango said it is true that the City of Harare is faced with significant challenges that require change in the way the city has been doing business for it to remain afloat.

“We are in a crisis. Rescuing ourselves from this requires leadership agility and urgent transformation.

“Change is painful. We need to be prepared to endure the pain for us to strategically fit in the Change Agenda we have already set as Council,” he said.

Chisango said the change management and transformation model should be anchored on the shared vision, mission, core values and clear goals, a clear governance structure to manage transformation, and a culture of trust, collaboration and innovation. He also said there is a need for a clear communication strategy and involvement of both leadership and employees.

He said the City of Harare has reignited the 13-year Council Transformative Strategic Plan commonly known as the Vision 2025 Plan which was developed in 2012.

Chisango said, the adoption and implementation of the plan was slow and at one point got shelved but, it has been reintroduced.

“I am happy that your Council, your Worship has reignited the plan and is in full support of this Policy which has a Transformative Implementation Road Map, with clear time-framed checkpoints.

“In 2019, just before the COVID-19 Pandemic, after noting with great concern that the performance of the city, due to many factors was going down year in and year out, the Council resolved to reintroduce the decentralization concept as a Strategic Transformative Plan to improve service delivery,” he added.

He said this Policy, is being operationalized when the service delivery is at its lowest across all programmes and more significant in the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors, roads, social amenities and public safety and security services sectors.

Chisango, however, said some residents are not paying their rates and service charges, but demanding improvement in service delivery has a negative knock on effect on the financial health of the city.

On the other hand he noted that he city is struggling to clear the one-month salary backlog that has accrued.

He said, that to be effective as an administration, the city needs to involve everyone in the transformation, not just senior leaders.

The Town Clerk said; “I know the amount of work which needs to be done, the urgency of execution and the demands of our people and because of this I will lead the transformation from the front, demonstrating deep personal resolve and a willingness to take responsibility.”

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