Gwindingwi High pupil rain blows on teacher


BIKITA– In an act of serious indescipline, a Gwindingwi High School form 4 pupil (name withheld for ethical reasons), had to be separated by staff  members after he allegedly bashed a teacher, Festos Masimba for reprimanding him.

Masvingo Province deputy police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector, Lorine Chanakira Ndhlovu confirmed the fracas that has become the talk of Nyika Growth Point in Bikita District recently.

Ndhlovu said the matter was reported two weeks after it happened and she is not privy to why that was case.

Sources at the school told The Midweek Watch that pupil, in the company of three others, was sitting outside the classroom allegedly smoking dagga at a time when they were supposed to be taking lessons.

Masimba, who was on duty ordered them to go back to their classrooms, but refused and allegedly started raining blows on the hapless teacher’s face who chose not to retaliate.

“It was just after lunch at around past two when I had to do checkups.  I met the four boys who were sitting outside their classrooms smoking marijuana, I asked them to quickly dismiss to their classrooms. Three boys complied except for …. who advanced towards me, shouting at me before he struck me with a hard blow, I did not retaliate but took the matter up with the school authorities who advised me to make a Police report,”

When Masimba first reported at Nyika Police Base, they advised him to take the disciplinary route through the school channels as they felt it was a matter that could be easily resolved at that level.

The pupil when approached said; “I apologize for the wrongdoing, I was not sober-minded and I could not control myself.”

Interesting enough the boy has been seen roaming around the school threatening the pupils who would talk about the matter.

Gwindingwi High Head, Dereck Muzinda said he was unhappy with the way the Police initially handled the matter and added that the pupils at Gwindingwi High School were becoming a law unto themselves as they are always involved in substance abuse and unnecessary fights.

Muzinda added that, there is a strong need to review the laws which prohibit teachers from beating pupils as this is contributing to misdemeanors by students as they know that they are protected by the statutes.

Commenting on the same issue, Gwindingwi senior master, George Pasina said the school’s location is a big factor that influences the behaviour of the students as they can easily access drugs from the adjacent Nyika Growth Point.

Bikita District Schools Inspector, James Mahofa had no kind words for the behaviour of the students as it is the opposite of what they expect from their learners, instead turning the school yard into a boxing ring.

However, Bikita District police representative Musafare Mahwite denied receiving such a report.

The Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro had this to say: “I strongly urge teachers, the School Development Committee to work together in shaping the conduct of pupils from both the community set-up and the school environment. Parents play a rudimentary role of fostering and cultivating good behaviour of children so that they become obedient and avoid warlike behaviour.”

Ndoro also said subjects like Guiding and Counseling and Bible Knowledge must be at the centre of learning in order to groom well behaved learners.

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