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Gweru USD billing set for April

 … as residents bemoan state of service delivery


Gweru City Council has advised its valued stakeholders and residents that  with effect from April 1 it will be billing in USD.

The development was confirmed by Gweru Mayor, Martin Chivhoko during a full council meeting on Monday this week.

Chivhoko said council was working tirelessly to align service provision to the available resources.

Meanwhile, residents have questioned the development highlighting the local authority’s appetite for luxury at the expense of service delivery top on the list being water shortages.

“We are troubled to hear a whole council deciding to bill residents in forex when there is poor service delivery. They just want the money to fete themselves,” said Masimba Mukonori a resident of Mkoba 19.

In a notice communicated today, Gweru council has since advised residents that ZWL$ bills will be payable in line with the prevailing interbank rate of the day.

Currently Gweru council is being owed over ZW$34 billion in debts by residents.

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