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Gweru High Court circuit, clears 63.6% of murder cases


GWERU-The High Court circuit was officially opened on Monday in the Midlands Capital, with 18 cases expected to be heard before Justice Evangelista Kabasa.

Speàking at this year ‘s official opening in Gweru, Justice Kabasa said à total of 55 murder cases were recorded and tried in 2023 marking a significant change in the handling of murder cases

She added that the right to life was a fundamental human right as lack of respect of the sanctity of life shows lack of failed principles within a normal society.

“The right to life is a fundamental human right as enshrined in Section 48 of the Constitution which state that every person has the right to life. A society that fails to respect the sanctity of life fails to uphold the values and norms of moral standards.

“In the year 2023, Gweru circuit had a total of 55 murder cases of the 55, 35 were completed. Thus, translating to 63.6% clearance rate.

” In reality, however all the cases that were in place were tried and completed. The statistics bear testimony to the fact that all cases which were ready for trial were finalised.” she added.

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