Gweru Diocese fundraising for health institutions


GWERU-The Catholic Diocese of Gweru has launched a major fundraising drive in an effort to refurbish dilapidated infrastructure at its health facilities.

Gweru Diocese head, Bishop Rudolph Nyandoro who was the guest of owner at the launch of the fundraising event said they have eight clinics that need support urgently.

He said the fundraising activities are meant to pool resources for the improvement and solarisation of all health and educational facilities as well as the mortuaries under the Gweru Diocese.

He added that they are optimistic that they will raise the required resources that will go a long way to help uplifting the livelihoods of local communities.

“As a Church we want to lead in self reliance, bringing our people in the Church and even others outside the church to be at the forefront in giving essential services to the people.

“We don’t have a set target of the money we are looking to raise but we are saying whatever we get is important because it is a donation,” said Bishop Nyandoro.

Bishop Nyandoro said the medical facilities that include Muwonde Hospital, Zhombe hospital, St Theresa in Hama, Serima Clinic in Gutu and Hozheri Clinic in Lalapanzi do not have adequate equipment to cater for increasing number of people who are in need of assistance.

He said the Diocese will hold a golf tournament and Family fun day on the 4th of November at Gweru Golf Club as part of the fundraising strategy.

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