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Gweru beauty pageants implored to pursue studies


GWERU-River Valley group of companies chief executive officer, Dr Smelly Dube has urged Gweru beauty pageants to take their education careers to greater heights and resist any form of exploitation.

Dr Dube said young girls face a lot of challenges, hence they need societal support to pursue their dreams.

Dr Dube, a former model in her own right and philanthropist was speaking at the breakfast meeting she hosted for Gweru beauty pageants.

“The girl child needs to be empowered to realize her dreams and not fall to any forms of exploitation due to vulnerability. As girls, you are faced with a lot challenges, hence you should keep looking ahead and not fall for temptations along the way.

“You have the potential to grow in the modelling industry and I pledge to continue supporting you,” she said.

She also awarded the recently crowned Miss Gweru a bursary as  a way of encouraging her to pursue her studies alongside modelling.

The Gweru beauty queen, Gugulethu Diana Moyo and other finalists received gift vouchers worth hundreds of United States dollars from River Valley Properties.

Dube, however, implored the beauty contestants to venture into entrepreneurships and pledged to offer support.

The models breakfast banquet was part of Dr Dube’s philanthropic work towards the growth of the modelling industry and a drive to empower the girl child.

Meanwhile, Dr Dube will in December headline the 2023 Global Reputation Forum in London alongside other international business moguls.

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