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Gvt works on coms strategy for PWDs


HARARE- The Government is seized with communication strategy that cater for the deaf and visually impaired to enable them access critical information like the recently released Monetary policy statement.

Goromonzi West Legislator, Biatah Karimatsenga-Nyamupinga posed a question during a question and answer session in the august house this Wednesday regarding unavailability of the Monetary Policy Statement to the deaf and visually impaired people.

Responding to the question, the Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion, Mthuli Ncube said the treasury is working in conjunction with the Information Ministry and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to craft a communication strategy that will cater for everyone.

“I agree with the semantic import of the question that we ought to make sure those who are visually impaired or those who are deaf are catered for as well.

“So, the communications team in the treasury is working with the Ministry of Information and Publicity and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to put together a communication strategy that will cover everybody and leave no one behind. It is worth doing a summary of the Monetary policy statement in Braille. I will inform the Reserve Bank Governor to move with speed on that one,” said Ncube.

Epworth Member of Parliament, Zivai  Mhetu asked on the Government policy on import duty of assistive devices used by people living with disabilities.

Ncube said the import duties of assistive devices like hearing aids, wheel chairs for the disabled and the creams for those living with albinism are waived.

“The assistive devices for those who are disabled are imported duty free, whether it is the creams for those living with albinism, hearing aids, wheel chairs and so forth. The import duties are waived there.

“If there are areas where we need to extend further provision to make sure that the disabled are assisted, I am happy to receive those to make sure that everything that they are able to bring in, is duty free, and they are supported so that they can compete with some of us who are abled,” added Ncube.

Mhetu said as of 2023, ZIMRA confiscated a certain organisation’s sunscreen due to non-payment of duty.

Finance Minister Ncube promised to institute investigations to avoid disturbances when importing duty free items for the people living with albinism and disabilities.

“We passed, in the Finance Bill, a provision that the creams should not pay any duty. So, I am very surprised by this case. I am happy to investigate it to make sure that those who need these creams are assisted accordingly,” Ncube said.

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