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Guy (21) marries rich woman 3 times his age

Bizarre things never stop to happen in this weird, weird world.

A 65-year-old woman says she feels like she has ‘won the lottery’ after marrying a 21-year-old man because the ‘older men couldn’t keep up’.

The woman claims she’s bored of men her age hence she decided to date a younger person. In an interview, she claimed that she met her new young hubby on a dating app.

The psychologist said that while there was an instant ‘fiery’ sexual attraction between them, he shocked her most with his ’emotional vulnerability’ unlike older men who were more ‘rigid and didn’t need anything from a relationship’.

As admitted by the mother of four she originally felt ‘upset’ by people’s stares, now those who judge them only make their connection stronger because they are ‘passionate about fighting for the relationship.

In her own words: ‘I think the thing about the age gap that made this relationship work is that the age gap creates passion.

‘For me, he is young, fit, beautiful, vital, and fun. I definitely wasn’t finding that with the 50-year-old men. To him, I am wise and established while still being attractive.

‘It was definitely an instant attraction. On our first date, my first thought was ‘he’s even more handsome than in the pictures’. I mean there’s obviously the sexual attraction right, that’s like fire.

‘But then there was this emotional attraction. He came with a level of vulnerability that I wasn’t used to. Older men were just more rigid and they didn’t need anything from a relationship.

‘For both of us, it just feels like winning the lottery, everything we had been looking for, so that creates an amazing level of passion.’ online

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