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Gutu artisanal miner fatally inhales gas in underground Penhalonga mine


PENHALONGA-As the Government continues to issue empty threats against mining in the dangerous Penhalonga area, more and more miners continue to lose lives as another artisanal miner dies in the belly of the earth while retrieving his trade tools.

Maxwell Benjamin Muvadi(31) from Mupuwi Village, Gutu who had come to Penhalonga seeking the precious yellow metal, died in a mine shaft last Saturday, 20 April after inhaling gas while underground.

Manicaland Province police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the sad development.

Chinyoka told The Midweek Watch that, the deceased was in the company of his young brother, Tavonga Benjamin Muvadi(25) and Lenmore Zvehurombo(23) from Mukanganwi Village, Bikita when they went at  97 Greenhouse  Rezende Area to retrieve their tools which they had left in the mine shaft.

Tavonga and Lenmore lowered the deceased in to the shaft which is approximately 20 meters deep using a windlass.

After he had gone 7m deep Maxwell was allegedly affected by gaseous emissions from the mine shaft and lost grip of the windlass since he was also carrying a metal range and fell back into the shaft.

His body was retrieved with the help of locals and was rushed to Victoria Chitepo Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon admission.

An open wound was discovered on the left side of the ribs which is suspected to have been caused by a metal range he was holding as he lost control.

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