Great dyke wellness challenge lives up to billing


ZVISHAVANE- In a groundbreaking initiative, giant Great Dyke miners  recently made  bold steps towards prioritizing the health of its workers by sponsoring a wellness challenge for the its employees.

The three mining companies Anmack Mining t/a Sabi Gold Mine, Mimosa Mine and Unki Mine‘s workers converged at Palawani resort area for a  first of its  wellness challenge in the minerals rich  great dyke .

The challenge had a comprehensive program which was aimed at promoting the health, safety and overall well-being of mining employees.

Anmack Mining had 25 Employees who attended the wellness challenge, in addition two of its 2 workers won prizes with Bigboy Nemangwe scooping the second prize and on third position was Stanley Darati.

The two outstanding employees conquered on the 5km marathon race.

The mine also proved its mantle on the 10km peg marathon race when their employee Jackson Galubu came on 1st position in 37minutes followed by his colleague Comford Musanga who came third.

“This is my first time to attend such wellness but managed to scoop first price on 10km peg race, I would want to thank Anmack Mining for recognizing the physical and mental demands of its workers,” said Galubu.

Mid-week watch spoke to Anmack Trauma nurse Kufa Samson Gumbo, who said mining environment is hazardous and requires employees to be both physically and mentally fit.  

“As mining environment is hazardous, wellness helps in better management of stress and tension, more so, its helps people to meet the challenges of life, the unforeseen situations.

“It also keeps miners free from diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, renal diseases to mention a few and l urge fellow miners to engage ourselves and families in wellness programs.” He said

This wellness initiative was the brain child of Munyaradzi Hwengwere and said the programme seeks to create a supportive environment where workers can thrive.

Guest of honor of the event Ashell Ruswa told the Mid-week Watch that the wellness challenge supports a culture of care, increases productivity, boosts morale and job satisfaction.

Mimosa Mine sent a strong contingent of 50 cyclists to the wellness challenge, demonstrating their dedication to the employee well-being, hence promoting a culture of health and wellness in the mining industry.

On females bicycle race Mimosa got 2nd and 3rd prizes which were won by Nyasha Matanga and Christine Dube respectively.

Unki was on first positions on both females category were Tsitsi Tapera and Edmore Gavi on the men race, showcasing their skills and completed the bicycle race from Zvishavane Town to Palawani

One of the partners of wellness challenge Igwebu  breweries  provided the athletes with refreshments which included  Banana mahewu, traditional mahewu, extra malt mahewu, 2l and 1.5l Calabash  to lighten up the event.

The workers battled it in Zumba dance,  5, 10, 21 km marathon race and 45km  cycling race for both males and female cyclist.

“We are here to support the community, informing them about the mahewu and ‘doro resintu’ the royal brew,” said Mwai  Chingomba Ingwebu sales manager.

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