Some people have a deep understanding of what God has done in their life. Maybe they feel God that has blessed them abundantly and they lack nothing in life.

Or, maybe they’ve experienced God answering their prayers directly. Still others can point to miracles, medical or otherwise, to show how God has worked in their life.

Most people, however, can’t point to specific situations when God stepped in and worked in their own life.

 But that doesn’t mean God hasn’t been doing so behind the scenes. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the big picture of our lives in order to see God’s hand in it.

Rest assured, God is in control, and He has guided your entire life so far, from the little everyday tasks to the life-changing events. Take a moment to reflect on your life, the different paths it has led you down, and try to see how God was with you all the way.

Sometimes, we don’t give enough credit to God, who uses other people in our lives to accomplish His will. He often uses family and friends to guide us, strengthen us, and encourage us. If you’ve had a family member or friend offering to bail you out financially when you are in a crisis, taken care of you when in dire need, or given you food or clothing when you needed it, God was using that person to reach you.

Furthermore, God uses others as voices of reason for us, even when we are too wasted on drugs or alcohol to make the right choices ourselves.

If anyone has encouraged you to get clean, to seek treatment, or to turn your life around, you can be sure God had a part in that conversation and He is working through others in your life. Listen to those people and get professional help if you need it.

We can’t begin to understand the mind of God, but we can learn a lot about Him through His word. God uses His word, and those who share it with others, to work in your life.

The church is there to provide access to God’s word and help you understand it, but also to give godly guidance and advice. Listen to the solid advice you get from fellow Christians and spiritual leaders. They are the voice of God speaking to you.

No one likes to face challenges, but God uses even the tough times to work in our lives. We don’t often see it, but God does indeed work in our lives through trouble and hardship.

Sometimes, He uses these times to help us grow or to benefit those around us. He might use challenges to stop us from doing something harmful or to motivate us to do what is right.

Sometimes, He just allows trouble in our lives to bring us closer to Him. Remember this the next time you are facing a difficult day; God is with you and will see you through.

God works in your life through the things you say and do. Part of being human is sharing God’s love with others. If you have known God’s love and guidance through your life, you need to share that with others.

 If you have a loved one who is experiencing some difficulty or has made some bad decisions, talk to them and offer your godly advice. If you see someone in need and you can help, do something about it.

 Be that source of encouragement and love that the world so desperately needs. Know that as you work to put God first and live a sober life of renewal, God is using you to work in others’ lives as well.

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